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Kind words from listeners to the Podcast and readers of the site that contacted me directly. Thankyou!

Hello there. 

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for following me on twitter. Its a big deal to me since I have been listening to your podcast for a while and I truly enjoy what you do. I am a beginner and have acquired so much interest in photography that it has literal changed me. I do carry my camera every were I go, even to work. Always expecting to find a shoot. You Sir are an inspiration to me and many others.

Happy shooting! Paul, Nashville.

Hello Rob,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the time and effort you put into your blog and pod cast. Enjoy each and every one.

I listen to several other photography related pod casts which are informative and entertaining but I, as an average ordinary photographer, find it hard to relate to the Scott Bournes and Scott Kelbys in the photography world who walk around with seven thousand dollar camera bodies and five thousand dollar lenses hanging off each shoulder. Your approach to photography is what makes your pod cast so unique and appreciated by those of us who can’t afford all of the high dollar equipment.

Keep up the good and appreciated work.

Dade City, FL USA

Hi Rob,

first of all thanks for the superb podcast. Believe it or not, I've been listening since the very beginning. I'm so glad you decided to stick with it. Coming up on the big 100 matey! I listen to every photography podcast I can find, and yours is one of the best.

Keep up the good work,

Hi Rob,

I found your podcast via PodTrapper for the Blackberry and listed to about 30 of your podcasts on a recent drive here in the USA from St. Louis, MO to Denver, CO. I'm a total fan and have already learned so much by listening to your pod casts. I recent bought a new camera and will be sure to participate in the Flickr group. Most of my stuff up to this point was taken with my camera phone (Blackberry Curve 8900) and I tend to add digital effects to create abstract photo art types of stuff. My new camera is a LUMIX FX35 and I'm just getting into understanding everything it can to. Your site and podcast come in very handy.

Thanks again for being out there.

Cheers, Chris.


I found your podcast a few weeks ago. I'm now in episode 46. I just can't stop listening to it. It is very inspiring show and i really appiciate the fact, that the focus of your show is not in expensive equipment, but i ways of making better photogaphs with what ever equipment hapens to be available.

My camera is Canon SX1 super zoom bridge camera. It is pretty ok camera with some nice things (raw, 4fps, 2,8 max apeture in wide end) and some quite serious flaws (purple fringin, slow in normal to tele end, geometry). I have old film SLR and thanks to your show i think i still will found some use to it.

Greeetings, Rob

I really enjoy your podcast, found it by accident on iTunes. Keep up the great work..

Cheers, TMatey.

Hi Rob
thanks for the kind comments on my Flickr pics. The Alberta landscapes really do offer some wonderful shots, if you can stand the biting cold!

I’ve been listening to your podcasts for ages and really enjoy ‘em. Partly because it “takes me back home” to the UK a bit, and partly because it’s good to listen to someone really passionate and inquisitive about this great activity. It’s also just a bit quirky, and that’s good! Many congrats.

Not sure why it took me so long to make the mental leap that you might have a Flickr group (perhaps it’s the effects of a long Canadian winter!) but I’ll have a good look through when I get a few minutes.

All the very best



I discovered your Podcast a few weeks back (up through
episode 9 I think) and it has been both a great learning
experience as well as a wonderful motivator to get out and
take more photos.

It's very much appreciated and please keep up the great


Hi Rob,

I would like to start by thanking you for following me on Twitter. I do not post much, mainly RT
things of interest.

Thank you for a great Podcast. I have only just found SCL after Googleing for M42 to EOS adapter. I do not
know how I missed SCL when I began to search for photography based Podcasts. I am now in the process of
catch-up. Have downloaded all 62 SCL Podcasts and have just finished listening to No.11.

Thank you again for your time making these Podcasts. They are informative and it is great to hear how you
approach and better your photography.

All the best,

Hi Rob,
I love the podcast and really have learned a lot from it. I thought that you, as a fellow photographer and HDR enthusiast, would enjoy this software. It's called Topaz (the specific program is called Topaz Adjust), and it's kind of the lazy man's HDR. I do a lot of wedding photography, and use this software once in a while. The great thing about it is you don't take multiple photos. You just apply the software to one photo at a time, and it's really cool stuff (and pretty cheap...$49.99). Here's the link, if you want to check it out: Thanks and keep up the great work.
Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA


I got into photography in a big way about 10 months took a
while, but i came across SCL podcast.

It was perfect...another person in learning mode, and I could follow
your progress, listen to your book reviews and generally have fun.

I listened to all the SCL podcasts and enjoyed every one (even the
"live" photowalks!).

Anyway, i hope the job works out for you and thanks for the pleasure
of the podcast.

Much appreciated.

Best of luck.

Hi Scalespeeder!
I am inspired by your website and the way you use S5700 :)
Actually I have learn a lot from you...
Thanks for giving recent comments on my photos....
Happy shooting and keep spreading the knowledge :)

I found the link to your website from the Flickr group for Finepix users. I've been listening to the first installment of your audio guide, and have downloaded your podcast. I just have to tell you that your instructions are EXACTLY what I've been looking for. I've had my camera for a couple years now, but have always wanted to learn he more "technical" aspects of what this camera is capable of. The manual just doesn't quite cut it sometimes... Your instructions are wonderful, and I've alread learned some of the more finer aspects of this camera just from your first lesson. Look forward to hearing more!
Thanks again, Becky (Rhode Island, US)

Hey Rob, just wanted to thanks you... I put my camera away for some time
and lost completely the interest in photography, but after following your
podcast I am coming back and very strong.

I am planning my first photowalk tomorrow, I will keep you posted.. Looking
forward for your next podcast and again thanks...


Hey ScaleSpeeder,

I am currently awaiting the arrival of my new Fuji FinePix S5800 which is practically the same (as you are probably already aware of) as your S5700.

I listened to your podcast from iTunes and i have to say they are brilliant! Great to listen to and you've really inspired me for when i get my new camera on things to do with it from the "Rule Of Thirds" or whatever it's called and taking pictures of everyday objects but from different angles in SuperMacro Mode!

I then went on to look at your Flickr account and you website (which i got the link from Flickr). I couldn't help notice that on a few picutres the camera (which looked very much like the S5700) had some form of wide angle lense or something on it. My main question for this email is (and excuse me if it's in your podcasts because i've only listened to your first one) is can you fit some sort of wide angle lense or any kind of lense to the end or any kind of filters?