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Fujifilm Finepix S5700 S700 Focal Lengths Explained

The S5700 / S700 is a great camera, with a 10x zoom, but have you ever wanted to know what focal length you're using while out on a shoot?

Accepted practice is that the 35mm SLR equivalent of a 50mm lens gives photographs that mimic the perspective of the human eye, and between 85-135mm (35mm equivalent) is good for portraits, so here's how you can work those out on your Finepix....

S5700 S700 Focal Lengths With 35mm Conversion

So, all you really need to remember is that the second notch from the left on the zoom bar (it appears when you move the zoom lever) is like shooting with an SLR's 50mm lens, and when shooting people a good guide would be to stay around the middle notch.

Hope this helps!

Cheers, Rob.

New Fujifilm FinePix S5700 S700 Audio Instruction Guide (On CD)

I've re-recorded and updated my Fujifilm Finepix S5700 / S700 audio User Guide, and packed it all together on one simple download, or CD, all for the bargain price of £10 GBP, (including free postage World-Wide for the CD).

Now consisting of over 3 hours of friendly, informative audio, you can listen to the files on your Computer, or transfer them to your mp3 player or Ipod, and learn with me, camera in hand, in the comfort of your own home (or out on a photowalk!).

If you're a bit confused reading through the camera manual (like I was when I first got the S5700), this audio instruction manual will be really helpful.

Including over 200 minutes, (or 3 hours) of friendly instruction, you can listen to the included mp3 files on your computer, or transfer them to your ipod / mp3 player.

It's written to be listened to while you've got your camera in your hands, so as I talk about features, menu options and techniques you can practice along at the same time.

You can download the first chapter for free, Camera Introduction, Essential Accessories and Getting Started, by clicking here.. (Right-click then “save target as” / “save link as”.).

The included chapters are:

1. Camera Introduction, Essential Accessories and Getting Started. (45 mins).
2. Automatic modes. (12 mins).
3. Understanding Exposure, Depth of Field and White balance. (41 mins).
4. Aperture Priority, Shutter priority and Program mode. (30 mins).
5. Advanced Focusing techniques. and Advanced Flash. (13 mins).
6. Manual mode. (13 mins).
7. WIFE and Photography Workflow. (13 mins).
8. Video. (3 mins).
9. Backing up your Photos. (8 mins).
10. Advanced Settings. (8 mins).
11. Corrections, The Next Steps. (8 mins).
12. Panoramas and the S5700. (11 mins).
13. HDR and the S5700. (17 mins).

The Audio Instruction Guide is supplied via download or CD (separated into the above chapters), ready to be played on your Computer, or copy the files to your MP3 player or ipod.

Postage is free world-wide for the CD, surface mail for areas outside the UK, so if you've got broadband, opt for the download.

Download link or CD's will be dispatched with 3 days of payment (Remember to send me your email address for download, or real address if you want the CD!).

To pay for your Audio Guide, simply go to (the link is here), and send me a £10 Gift Voucher (Non UK credit / debit cards should work too), with the "recipient email" as (make sure you get that right!). In the message include your name, email (for download) or real address (for CD), and I'll send you your download link or CD as soon as I get the Electronic Gift Voucher.

Enjoy, and I'll see you on Flickr!

Cheers, Rob.


Noise Ninja Custom Profiles For Fujifilm Finepix S5700 S700 Download

If you're using the excellent Noise Ninja noise reduction software, and have a Fuji Finepix S5700 or S700 Digital Camera, you may be interested in downloading the custom profiles I've created.


In order to create these profiles I took pictures of the colour grid (slightly blurred to hide the grain of the paper) at every ISO, then opened up Noise Ninja and profiled all the resulting photographs. If you fancy having a go yourself, its very easy, just see the help files that come with Noise Ninja, which include a copy of the colour grid for you to print out. (The white sheet of paper is to set a custom white ballance.)

First thing you need to do is Download My Custom Noise Profile. (Right click, Save As / Save Target As / Save Link As).

Next unzip the file, right-click "extract files" or "unzip files" and copy the folder somewhere safe, perhaps in your docs or program folder.

Next up you need to fire up Noise Ninja, via Photoshop or the stand-alone application (you'll have to load a photo to access Noise Ninja in Photoshop), then click "Profiles", "Install Profiles", and show the program where the downloaded directory is.

Now we want to change the settings in Noise Ninja so that it'll automatically try and profile the photograph with our custom profiles (by matching the ISO), or if it can't, use the auto-profiler.

Click "Noise Ninja", then "Preferences", and you're looking for the "start-up behaviour" box. Make sure that Start-Up Policy is "Auto-Load Profile Based On Exif", and the Fallback Policy is to "Invoke Automatic Profiler". It should look something like this:

Click ok, and we're done!

Now every time you invoke the Noise Ninja Plug-in, it'll scan the exif data, and apply the approriate custom noise profile. If it can't do that, it'll use its auto profiler. Simple.

A note about the settings I used to create these profiles: My S5700 was set to a resolution of 7mp(n). I used the F-Standard colour setting. I used a custom white ballance. Sharpness was set to std.

Thanks, Rob.


Free Paper Diffuser / Mini Flash Soft-Box For S5700

s5700 difuserMy mate Weejamer had a problem. He wanted to take pictures of his new baby, but the built-in flash on the Fujifilm S5700 is just too bright, so he's designed and made a diffuser you can fit on it!

Head on over to his blog for the template, and a great video showing how to make it.

Jobs a good 'un!


Fujifilm Finepix S5700 S700 Podcast

If you've just purchased a Fujifilm Finepix S5700 / S700 you may be interested in a Podcast I've done for a previous site - it's a learners Podcast that describes the features of this great little Bridge Camera and how to use it.

You can:

Subscribe For Free on itunes

or download individual episodes (right click, save file / target as):

Episode 0 The Pilot - Getting To Know Your Camera. Automatic Mode, Scene Position Mode, Macro Mode, Composition Help, Accessories and Assignments

Episode 1 - Image stabalisation, Natural Light, and program mode.

Episode 2 - Apperture Priority and Shutter Priority mode.

Episode 3 - Interview With Joshme17 - A Fellow S5700 Owner

Episode 4 - Manual Mode With The S5700

Next up will hopefully be image editing, image back up and sharing.

Cheers, Rob.