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Love Magazine Autumn / Winter 2013 - Out NOW! - 5th Anniversary Edition 

(If you can't see the video, please click here.)

Love Magazine comes out every six months and is a must for any fan of great photography. Packed full of fashion, editorial and advertising, there's bound to be plenty of inspiration for all.

I always pick mine up from WH Smith, so head on down and grab your copy before they run out.

Thanks, Rob.


Arson Attack On The Dream Lounge, Swindon

I was covering at our Swindon store on the 13th of July when I arrived to see the following scene unfolding in front of me. I grabbed my camera and starting shooting. Always have your camera with you.

Arson Attack, Dream Lounge Swindon, 13th July 2013 (1)

Arson Attack, Dream Lounge Swindon, 13th July 2013 (2)

Arson Attack, Dream Lounge Swindon, 13th July 2013 (3)

Arson Attack, Dream Lounge Swindon, 13th July 2013 (4)

Arson Attack, Dream Lounge Swindon, 13th July 2013 (5)

Thanks, Rob.


12,000 Flickr Views In Two Days - And Counting!

Telephoto Capture Of Sunset, Lee On Solent

(Click here to have a look at the photo on Flickr.)

I was very surprised (and flattered) when my Lee-on-Solent Sunset photo started to gather an awful lot of views on Flickr - 12,000 as of today, all in the last two days.

As you'd imagine, I was intrigued and a little puzzled. A quick look at the Explore Page at Flickr revealed that the photo wasn't there, and the sheer number of views in such a short period of time must mean some other influence was at work.

Luckily I've still got my Flickr Pro account, which means I've still got stats, and this revealed that the lions share of the views were happening on Flickr, via a "Sky Drama" Gallery curated by the Yahoo Editorial team

These guys and gals help to promote Flickr on Yahoo's various properties, and also on Twitter and Facebook, where they have an awful lot of followers and likes.

You can see the Twitter post here, and the Facebook post here.

Thanks to everybody who took the time to have a look at my photo, and thanks to the Yahoo! Editorial team for showcasing the image.

Cheers, Rob.


Check Out The New Flickr - It's F@#king Amazing

If you haven't already get on over and explore the new Flickr - it's looking great!

The New Flickr.

Cheers, Rob.


Clark's Window Posters Feature Polaroid SX-70 Instant Camera

We were shopping in Fareham the other day when I noticed that the window posters in Clark's (a shoe store) featured the classic Polaroid SX70 instant camera, which of course has a new lease of life now that you can buy film from the Impossible Project.

In a rather ironic way, the Jessops camera store directly opposite looked rather forlorn now that the whole chain has gone down the pan.

Thanks, Rob.