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How Google Will Destroy Adobe With Their Acquisition Of Nik Software

Google recently acquired Nik Software, a company that produces some of the best photo processing applications available for PC's, Windows, Macs, Android and IOS. Google is also pushing to become the leading player in Social Networking with Google Plus, and also is trying to gain traction for it's own operating system with Chrome Books. An important key to all this is how people create, edit and share their photographs, but in its current incarnation Googles desktop editor Picasa, and their mobile versions, just don't cut it.


Adobe make millions from their excellent photography tools, Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom, but users are crying out for cheaper and simpler solutions, and apart from the Apple only Aperture and the open-source Gimp there isn't much competition.


Now imagine what Google could do. Integrate Snapseed, Niks award winning mobile app, into Google Plus photo-editing and sharing. Trump facebook's Instagram in the process and really get Google Plus to the top of the photo-sharing pile.


Now the bad news for Adobe. Revamp Picasa, which at the moment is a great photo-organising desktop application and an OK editor, with Niks state of the art HDR, black and white and colour processing plug-ins. Use Nik's engineering knowledge to introduce RAW editing  to Picasa, their U-Point technology for local changes, and change Picasa to a class-winning package.


The final nail in Adobe's coffin? Like Google do at the moment, keep giving Picasa away for free.


Thanks, Rob.

Reader Comments (1)

Adobe sucks - the company will die - their products contain shoddy code, low quality performance, cause excessive CPU power consumption, NUMEROUS security holes and incompetant support that mirrors symantec.
Google wont have to do a thing - Adobe will be destroyed, they are already failing.
Our organazation secretly & automatically rejects ALL applicants that list Adobe products as their forte.

December 30, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAnti-Adobe advocate

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