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Extreme Fliers Robocopter GST Special Edition Helicopter Review

IMG_1670 copy

This is my son Oliver's toy remote-controlled helicopter. No really, it is. Just because you've seen me playing with it all the time doesn't mean I've taken it off him. Ok, Ok, so perhaps you could say I've borrowed it for awhile. Listen, it's not my fault if companies like Extreme Fliers send me cool stuff to review, even if I should give it to Oliver to enjoy, and get his opinion. My job usually is to just write things down and take the photos, but this little helicopter is just too much fun!

IMG_1680 copy

The Robocopter GST Special Edition is a very small remote control helicopter with counter-rotating rotor blades that you can easily fly around indoors. It has a self stabilizing gyroscope which means that once you've got the hang of taking off, the little chopper almost flies itself.

You can adjust the speed of the rotar blades to make the GST rise and fall, make it spin left or right, and use the tail rotor to make the nose go up and down so you can go forward and back.

IMG_1678 copy

It takes about 20 minutes to charge the Robocopter from the USB port on your computer, then you get about 8 minutes of flying time, which isn't bad. I have to admit that I've just been a petrol head when it comes to remote control vehicles, with HPI MT2 and RS4 Nitro fueled cars, but the GST has turned me on to the world of helicopters, and I think I might be addicted...


The big advantage these little Extreme Flier copters have over previous designs is that they're tough and you can replace any broken parts. The body is made of alloy, and the blades are of a flexible plastic. We've crashed the GST many times, and so far nothing has broken off or snapped. There is a small pinion gear inside the main body that has slipped a couple of times, but a gentle nudge with a screw-driver and the drive shaft is working again. Simple!


Like any good toy, the Robocopter GST is simple to get working, but with its ability to spin and move backwards and forwards you can do some very nifty manouvers indeed. Put the helicopter on a shiny table, tickle the throttle up, add a little tail rotor and you've got a dramatic nose-down fast take-off just like the real thing.


 I have been really impressed with the Robocopter GST. It flies great indoors, we haven't broken it yet, and the more Ols flies it the better he gets. Christmas isn't that far off, and these make great presents for children of all ages at a very reasonable £45 each.

Check out the Robocopter GST Special Edition at the Extreme Fliers Website.

Now I just need to get my hands on one of the big outdoor models so I can give this one back to Oliver....

Thanks, Rob.

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