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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Camera Review


I have to admit that I had great expectations for the camera in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android smart-phone, and it almost ticks all the boxes... but not quite.


The camera quality is fine, 5mp main camera, 1.3mp front camera, and it takes nice photos in good light. The sensor suffers from noise in low light situations, but show me a camera phone that doesn't.


The problem for me is the built in editing software, which promises so much but then lets us down by saving the edited photos at a lower resolution than they were captured at. Thats fine for the web, but I like a little extra elbow room with my photographs, and I want to be able to edit and save them at full resolution, so I guess I'll still be using the most excellent Vignette Android App (paid version).


Plus points are that the camera is incredibly quick to take photos, and the built-in panorama feature is very useful. I haven't covered the video capabilities, but the green-screen effects have to be seen to be believed!


In conclusion then, the Gnex has an OK camera with OK editing software, but don't let this put you off if you're thinking of buying or upgrading to the Galaxy Nexus - you'll probably end up taking most of your photos with the camera and then exporting them to Instagram, Vignette or Facebook, and it's great for that.


Thanks, Rob.




Tree, Fort Brockhurst



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