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Olympus XA2 35mm Compact Film Camera Review

(If you can't see the video, please click here.)

No trip can last forever, and like all camera manufacturers Olympus had to move on from the Trip 35 to more modern designs. The XA2 is one of the more simpler models from the XA Series, but that's also its appeal.

Running off two SR44 batteries, the XA2 features automatic exposure and zone focussing where you move a little switch to select the camera to subject focus distance.

I like the clam-shell design, but the shutter button is very sensitive, so be careful as you compose your shots not to fire the shutter too early.

The electronic exposure means that the XA2 can handle longer exposures that the Trip 35, making it a lot more versatile, but of course watch out in low-light situations for camera shake.

I've taken some OK shots with my XA2, and it's a great little camera, so if you see one going cheap, snap it up, the XA2 is another fine film camera from Olympus.

Thanks, Rob.

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