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How To Watch Video Podcasts Off-Line On The Android Galaxy Nexus

(If you can't see the video please click here.)

The Galaxy Nexus is a great phone and its gorgeous 4.6" screen is perfect for watching video, but there is a fly in the ointment, and that fly is bandwidth, and it's swimming with a close friend Google Listen.

To explain further, the common Podcast Aggregator that comes wirh Android, "Listen", at the moment can't subscribe to video podcasts. Sure, there are paid solutions out there, but I prefer a free answer whenever I can.

The fact that most users are also on restrictive mobile data plans means that you don't want an app downloading video podcasts that are hundreds of megabytes in size whenever it likes. We need to be able to control what happens and when, and to do that we need a great fee app - "Podkicker".

With Podkicker you can subscribe to video podcasts without the fear of exceeding your monthly bandwidth allowance, because you choose when to refresh the feed and you choose when to download the video files. 

I really enjoy watching Twit Photo, so in the evening when I'm on my home wi-fi network I open up Podkicker and fresh the feed of that particular show, and if there's a new episode I download it over Wi-Fi and not the mobile network.

Podkickers built in Video Player works fine, but unfortunately it won't remember where you got to if you close the app, but that's a small niggle in an otherwise great app.

Podkicker probably won't replace your audio podcast app, hey, I still use my old Ipod Nano for that, but Podkicker does provide an elegant solution for downloading and watching video podcasts on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus Andoid Phone, using the new Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System. Why not give it a go yourself, after all, it's free.

Thanks, Rob.

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