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Wireless Flash On The Cheap - JJC JF-T2 Strobe Trigger System Review

(If you can't see the video please click here.)

C'mon, if you haven't visited The Strobist at least once in the last couple of years and hence fancied having a go at off-camera flash you can't have been reading any of the photographic press.

Small strobe / flash photography promises the studio look of the professionals at a fraction of the cost and without all the hassle of hot-lights or studio strobes.

Even though off-camera flash can be cheaper than larger strobes, it's still not that cheap, but at least with the JJC JF-T2 Wireless Flash Triggers we can knock a few bucks of the price and have a go for a more reasonable price.

I got my twin reciever pack from eBay for about UK£20, and so far they've been reliable and a complete bargain. They work with two of my older flashes, and my newer Yongnuo flashes, on all of my cameras, from vintage Olympus Trip 35's to my modern 350d Canon dSLR.

The system works using Radio Frequencies so there's no line of sight problems, plus there's four channels so you can avoid interference from other units and transmitters.

I'm no expert at using these flashes, but what I have learnt is that having the flash system is only the start, there's a whole world of new techniques and light modifiers to master... So lets get learning!

Thanks, Rob.

First Attempts With JJC Off-Camera Flash System

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