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Instagram Comes To Android And The Gnex Phone

(If you can't see the video please click here.)

If you're wondering what Instagram is all about, please let me explain. It's a combination of photo editing app and social network, a Twitter for photographs if you like. Use the camera part of the app to take a photo, edit it, then share it with your followers. If you're in the mood to look at images you can peruse those of the people you follow or the most popular photographs in the whole network.

What I like about Instagram is the way that you can choose who you follow and then have a daily dose of inspiration from their photographs. Sure, lots of the most popular images are cute girls, cats and pop-stars, but dig a little deeper and choose who you follow with care and you'll have a more rewarding experience.

You don't only have to use your phones camera to take your Instagram photos. It's just as easy to share photos from your SLR or compact camera, especially if you use Picassa and the Google Plus app to upload your photos from your desk top to the net and your phone.

Recently bought for one billion dollars by Facebook, Instagram is only going to get bigger and attract more users, so dive in now and get a piece of the action, and it might just help to improve your photography too.

Thanks, Rob. 

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