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A Bruiser Of A Compact - The Canon Powershot G12

(If you can't see the review video from CNET, please click here.)

 Let's get the boring bits out of the way first: The Canon Powershot G12 has a 10 megapixel CCD sensor, a 5x Image Stabilised zoom, that starts off at 28mm, can shoot .jpg and RAW, takes 720p High Definition Video, has a fold out LCD screen, an optical viewfinder and a proper flash hot shoe.

Above and beyond the features listed above, this is a great camera that pushes the boundaries of being a compact, but that feels incredibly solid, reliable and like a real workhorse. In a time where CSC's like the Olympus Pen range and Sony's NEX cameras are becoming increasingly popular, the G12 keeps beating it's own path as a fixed lens camera with most of the features and qualities of a dSLR.

 The G12 feels large and solid in the hand. The optical view-finder is bright enough, but what does it for me is the way that alll the main controls are at your finger tips on switches and dials on the body of the camera. ISO, exposure compensation, metering, etc, are all there, ready to be played with without having to delve into confusing menus via an LCD screen.

There's a lot to be said for having a camera that's small enough to (just about) fit in your pocket, but that has the chops to pull off professional photographs. A bag full of lenses and bodies will often get left behind on family outings or holidays, but with a small camera like the G12 you don't have to sacrifice image quality or control for size.

To see the quality of photo's that the Canon G12 can help you make, check out the sample images over on, and while you're there, make a coffee, then read their full review. I haven't made any prints from a G12, but the shots look great on my PC screen, and I've no doubt this camera will live up to Canons usual high standards.

I like the G12. I like its weight, I like its size, and I like it's fixed 5x zoom lens. This is a camera that dares you to take it anywhere and shoot anything. It laughs in the face of SLR's and CSC's with their fiddly lenses and dirty sensors, and snorts with contempt at smaller cameras that slip through your fingers and feel like toys. The G12 is a tank that means business and is ready to rock!

The Canon G12 is by no means perfect. Read the reviews over at cameralabs and the photography blog for the full low-down on some of the shortcomings, mainly lack of AF in the Video mode. I think that for most people though, if you're in the market for a fixed-lens high-end compact that packs a punch, the G12 should be near the top of your list.


Cheers, Rob.

Buy A Canon Powershot G12 from

Or if you're in the USA, get a G12 from

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