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Watson Model 100 35mm Bulk Film Loader Video Review


A quick check of brings up several rolls of bulk film, going for about £60 each. These rolls are 30 metres long, so you'll get about 20 rolls of 36 exposures, making it about £1.50 each, a fair saving over high street prices for 35mm film. 

Do bear in mind though that one mistake and you could have fogged an awful lot of film, so I'd have to think long and hard about buying bulk film once my existing (expired) bulk film is used up.


I got my bulk film loader from our local car boot sale at Bridgemary, in a box with a load of other film goodies for £3, so perhaps if you keep your eyes open at your local thrift stores and charity shops you may see one come up - just don't open it to see what's inside, wait until you've got home and you can do it in a dark bag or a completely black room!


Thanks, Rob.

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