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SCL Photography Podcast 126 - Rob In The Lab!

SCL PodcastI've found my true vocation in life - a photo lab technician!

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Some of my Olympus Trip 35 Photographs:





Lo-Res Scans From 120 Film Taken In My Rand (Diana) Camera (Ilford XP2 Film):

Rand (Diana) 120 Film Lo-Res Scans

Rand (Diana) 120 Film Lo-Res Scans

Rand (Diana) 120 Film Lo-Res Scans

Cheers, Rob.


Reader Comments (1)

Hiya Rob,

See you have that excitement of first running the lab :-)

Give it a few months of that machine screaming at you and the 'thrill' will soon wear off.
Waah, needs water, Waah, needs emptying, Waah, needs chemicals, Waah, needs paper......You can see why we call ours the 'little baby'!
Then comes the fun of customers screaming at you about blurry photos, heads chopped off, too dark, too light, wrong colours etc. and you'd better believe that it's your fault, nothing to do with their photography whatsoever!?! (I won't mention hour orders with every size you do selected on one order in both gloss and lustre!)

Ha! Just some hindsight kicking in there ;-)

Good to see you enjoying yourself though and having fun with it all as well as playing with other processes, (glad they let you get away with cross processing and shoving 120 through - it tends to raise eyebrows at ours even though it's perfectly safe!)

Nice to catch up with you mate. Take it easy,


January 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterVictor

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