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Minolta Dynax 7000i 35mm Film SLR Review

I picked up this little beauty, the Minolta Dynax 7000i 35mm film SLR, with it's associated automatic flash, for a song at the carboot up by Titchfield early one Sunday morning.

The 7000i is a bit of an oddity in the way that it deals with what we now know as "scene position" or custom modes. Instead of turning a command dial on the top of the camera, you pop small memory cards into a slot on the side of the camera - not exactly the fastest way of changing the settings on your camera, but this was cutting edge technology when the camera was released back in 1988...

Remember that the auto-focus lenses on these cameras work on Sony dSLRs (Minolta was swallowed up by Sony a number of years ago), so they're always worth buying if the price is right.

I've loaded this example with some colour Kodak film and passed it onto my son Oliver - if you remember the story I've told in the past about the Minolta I never got as a kid, you'll know why!

Cheers, Rob. 

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