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Top Ten Reasons To Try Film

1) It looks great, and you'll get some nice prints when you get the rolls developed, instead of having thousands of digital files on your PC that never get a sniff of photo paper...
2) You don't have to worry about post processing, let the lab worry about color and exposure.
3) Shooting film will improve your composition skills, because with film you will take more time to check your viewfinder and to review your choices before you press the shutter release.
4) Shooting a  roll of film every now and then keeps you sharp for your digital photography.
5) You may well take the plunge and start to develop your own negatives, then either scan them or even set up your own dark room and do your own prints. (A whole other world to explore!)
6) Its much, much cheaper to buy a great film slr with a lens than its digital equivalent.
7) Your negatives and prints will be around a lot longer than any digital files you create.
8) Classic film cameras are a joy to use - most are mechanical, not electronic, so everything, from the sound of the shutter to the feel of the film winder is just more... satisfying.
9) You'll really enjoy the Film Photography Podcast!
10) After you've shot some film, when you go back to digital you'll really appreciate the.... differences!

Cheers, Rob.

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