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Now Everyone Can Sell Their Photographs As Stock On Flickr!

We know people steal our images from Flickr, for websites, magazines, calendars and screen-savers, but the real problem, in my opinion has been there there has been no simple way for someone who sees our images on Flickr to license and pay us to use them.

Not any more! Flickr has teamed up with Getty, and you can opt to have a little button next to your images that allows potential buyers to request a license for your photography. Getty will handle the deal (and get their cut), but this is a fantastic opportunity for all us amateurs to maybe make a few more bucks off our photographs.

So maybe we'll see photo-buyers spending a lot more time on Flickr instead of Istockphoto, but the main thing is that people who want our photos now have an easy way of paying us to use them - I applaud Flickr and Getty for finally doing this, although how much money will be on the table is still yet to be known.

I do however have great sympathy for photographers who make their living from stock photography - this is another channel that will drive the value of photos down, and make life living purely as a pro photog that much more difficult.

Check out Flickrs blog for instructions.

Cheers, Rob.



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