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George Forss New York New York - Photography Book Review

To give this book its full title: "New York / New York, Masterworks Of A Street Peddler, George Forss, Presented By David Douglas Duncan" gives a clue to the strange story behind the volume.

George Forss is a photographer from New York, USA, who in the '70s was discovered by David Douglass Duncan. Duncan was so impressed with the prints that he saw Forss selling on the sidewalks of NYC that at first he thought they were stolen - this street photographer couldn't have possible created such high quality images.

In the introduction to the book we are treated to this wonderful story, and then the rest of the publication is dedicated to Forss's images, and very impressive they are too. The QE2 Ocean Liner gliding past the Twin-Towers, many different views of the Brooklyn Bridge, and enchanting multiple-exposures that we so rarely now see in the days of digital, as opposed to film, photography.

The black and white photographs of George Forss are lovingly re-produced in this book, and I'd recommend it to any lover of cityscape and black and white photo's.

Cheers, Rob.

(ps, I picked this book up second-hand for about £2.)

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