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Macro Fun In The Garden With Extension Tubes And Flash

Suzannes's Baby Strawberries

Up until the end of June, I'm going to be producing colour photographs exclusively - no black and whites for me - and I've always found flowers and plants a great source of rich colours and interesting subjects.

I screwed the m42-ef lens onto my Canon EOS 350d / Digital Rebel XT, then added a few extension tubes, which transforms my old m42 manual focus Soligor 90-230mm zoom into a macro set-up. Then I headed off out into our garden, among the flowers, fruits and vegetables, to see what I could find.

I used my tripod for must of the shots, but by using my 350d's pop-up flash I managed some hand-holding too. As you'll see from the pictures, when shooting macro with extension tubes your depth-of-field (how much of the shot is in focus) gets really small, so only a small part of the photos are sharp.

Post processing was handled by Adobe Camera RAW & Photoshop, plus I've started to play around with a Nik Photoshop plug-in, Viveza 2, so more on that in a few weeks when I'll post a review.

I hope you enjoy the photographs, then maybe grab a lens adapter, an old lens and extension tubes, and enjoy some macro photography on the cheap.

Flower Detail

Yellow Rose In Garden

Leaf After Watering

Leaf With Flash

Flower Viewed From Side

Cheers, Rob.

Reader Comments (1)

Nice photos, Rob.

June 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterWesley

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