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Shot List For 2010 Photo Projects

We're well in February so it's time to start thinking about those projects I said I was going to do this year. Time is always limited, so I thought that I should create a list of the photographs I want to take, so I can go out with a definite goal in mind, rather than walking around and randomly taking shots and hoping they would fit into the themes I'm working on.

I'm going to be working on four projects this year - "Coins", "Around Gosport" (35mm film), "A Fortified Town" and "Caught In A Moment". Luckily some photos will be able to be used in more than one project, but I need to be a bit more organised than I normally am if I want to finish this projects in a year.

As I take the photos I'll add links to them as I go along, so I'll be able to monitor my progress and add, or delete, certain shots.


I'm off to a flyer with this one - check out the set I've already created on Flickr. One problem - I've run out of coins to shoot, so I'm going to start looking for foreign coinage and think about shooting from different angles, in different locations, and with my Lensbaby.

“Around Gosport” (Working Title)

This is my 35mm film project - I'll simply be taking photos with my 50e Canon Film slr of interesting places around Gosport, from interesting angles. (Hopefully!). My aim is to come up with 36 images, so here's a list of the first ones I can think of:

Fort Brockhurst - view over moat to keep.

Forton Lake Bridge.

Priddys Hard Pontoon.

Scrap Destroyers at Priddys Hard.

View of flats down at the harbour, probably from the marina pier.

Detail shot of mosaics on flats down at harbour.

View of flats down at harbour, from Portsmouth side, with Church in middle.

View of Holy Trinity Church.

View across boating lake.

Stokes Bay.

Various pubs.

The High St.

Alver Village.

St. Thomas' Church.

"A Fortified Town" (Working Title)

With this set of photographs I want to highlight Gosports military heritage with all the fortifications around the town.

Fort Brockhurst - view over moat to keep.

View of concrete bunker and Fort Brockhurst.

View across moat to old Gosport Ramparts.

View across top of old Gosport Ramparts.

Victorian (?) walls by Forton Lake bridge.

Fort Gilkicker - views from back and front.

Gun emplacements at Stokes Bay.

"Caught In A Moment" (Working Title)

This is my street photography project, my attempt to emulate my photographic hero, Henri Cartier Bresson. While out and about shooting for my other projects I'll be looking to include candid shots that include people.

Few! Time to get started!

Cheers, Rob.

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