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Don't Forget The Camera In Your Pocket

As Ever

It's so easy to get caught up with the news about all the latest cameras and lenses, when in truth the most important way we can improve our photography is simply to take more pictures. The problems is that our cameras are small, but not that small. I don't want to take my dSLR to work so I get grab some shots on the way to the corner shop for a mars bar.

The answer is that we've all probably got a decent enough camera in our pockets already - our mobile phone.


The beauty about mobile / cell phone cameras is that they have auto-focus, a nice wide angle and massive depth of field, making taking pictures incredible fast and easy. The difficult thing about them is the screen - not bright enough if it's sunny, and too small for full composition, but more than good enough in most situations.


A really cool thing to do with your mobile phone is to take random shots. Just walk along, swinging your camera around, clicking away, and you'll be surprised at what you capture.


You'll end up with a lot of rubbish, but don't delete them until you've seen them on your pc's big screen - what might look like trash on the little phone screen could look great when you see it full size.

Drive Way

Of course there's nothing wrong with traditional compositions too!


These photographs remind me of how important it is to shoot whatever catches your eye - not to make judgements about your subject, only the form of the photograph.

LOS / 350d

Look at these photos in a slide-show.

Cheers, Rob.

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