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Fountain and Spinnaker Tower, Lensbaby Composer With Double Glass Optic At f8

Purchase a print, or a stock license to use this photograph.

Last night, after tea and before I recorded the Podcast, I headed out with my camera to the beach to try and get some more nice Sunset captures. Unfortunately it was pitch black by the time I got there, without a hint of colour, so I drove down to the Ferry Gardens on the Gosport side of Portsmouth Harbour to see what I could capture.

I used the Lensbaby Composer with the Double Glass Optic and a f8 aperture ring, for a larger sharp "sweet spot". My 350d was on its Cullmann tripod, I activated mirror lock-up, and was using the remote shutter release.

The fountain was on (honest!) but only a trickle of water was flowing through it, hence the lack of "misty" water, but I like the look anyway.

Time was short (I had the Podcast to record!), but I snapped off a few more frames then headed home.

Cheers, Rob.

Ferry Gardens, View Towards Pontoon

Purchase a print, or a stock license to use this photograph.

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