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Solent Sunset, Towards Fawley. Lensbaby Composer (Double Glass Optic, F4)

Better viewed big.

Phew! Managed to get down to the beach tonight, excitedly fixing onto my Canon 350d / Rebel XT a new lens - the Lensbaby Composer.

I went with the double glass optic (which it comes with), and popped in the F4 aperture disc. The Sun had long set, but there were beautiful colours along the horizon. I mounted the camera onto my tripod, focused the Lensbaby, shifted the "Sweet Spot" around a little, covered the viewfinder with my thumb, and triggered the shutter with my remote release. (With mirror lock-up enabled, of course!)

I then headed down to the harbour to see what I could do with the tower, moving the point of focus around a little more:

Spinnaker Tower. Lensbaby Composer (Double Glass Optic, F4)

Better viewed big.

An interesting start - now I just need a day off to take some daytime shots!

Thanks, Rob.

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