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Matthew Clarks New Podcast And Blog - Man With A Cam!

You've got to head on over to Matthew Clarks new Blog, Man With A Cam, and download the first episode of his new podcast.

There's only a few posts at the moment, Matthew will be adding content over the next few weeks, and his podcast, which includes a great piece on visiting your local camera club, is very funny. Matthew has a great sense of humour!

Leave some comments and give Matthew some encouragement, it looks like its going to be a great listen and read.

Cheers, Rob.

Reader Comments (1)

Hi Rob,
Cheers for the plug of the site , im blushing greatly as i type this !!!! But yeah , the positive comments you have left have really spurred me on with it , (even added a few more posts today!) please , if anybody wants a beginners opinion ...please come on over !!! (after you have visited first, of course ;-)


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