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More Practice With The Canon EOS 350d, Digital Rebel XT

Progress continues with me trying to master the 350d / Rebel XT and my old M42 Lenses.

I'm getting more used to where the buttons are on the Canon, have discovered that the Pentacon / Soligor lenses need about a stop of (under) exposure compensation in Evaluative Metering Mode, and manual focusing can be damn difficult!

Anyway, here's the extremes of focal length:

Spinaker Tower - Pentacon 29mm.
Spinaker Tower

The wide-angle Pentacon is a challenge to focus when the main subject is a way away - so what I've been doing is stopping down, to say f8, then relying on the Hyper-Focal distance markings on the lens barrel to (hopefully) keep things sharp-ish. (Check out the full-size version). I've also added a lens hood to reduce flare.

Tower Viewing Platform, Soligor 90-230mm Zoom With 2x Teleconverter.
Tower Viewing Platform

This one was taken at full zoom, with the huge lens resting on the barrier at the edge of the pier that juts out into Gosport Harbour. The photo was taken from the same vantage point as the photo taken with the 29mm Pentacon. The Soligor really throws you into the scene, exposing shapes and contexts that you wouldn't otherwise notice. It also tends to flatten out perspective, and obviously needs to be well supported to avoid camera shake, especially when stopping down to sharpen up the shot. (Check out the full-size version, and look out for the chap having his picture taken!)

So, these lenses aren't the sharpest in the world, and at the moment I'm just really "playing", taking shots at full zoom, in light that isn't the best, because at the moment all that matters is getting to know the kit.

Cheers, Rob.

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