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SCL Photo Podcast Bows Out... For Now

SCL PodcastThanks to everybody for downloading and listening over the last several months.

SCL will be back, I'm just not sure when, so please leave it in your subscription lists,

Thanks again, Rob.

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Reader Comments (6)

Hi Rob, I'm a professional photographer living in the USA. I have a few comments on your last podcast. First let me say that I listen to every photography podcast I can find and yours is one of the most professional. Just because you don't shoot with "professional" gear doesn't mean your presentation is not professional. You mentioned TWIP as being an inspiration. The early episodes of TWIP were indeed wonderful podcasts, but the show has taken a turn toward just a bunch of guys telling jokes rather than getting down to real photography discussions like your show.

Funny, but I selfishly had always hoped that you would never "upgrade" to a DSLR. I found it refreshing that there was no equipment snobbery in your shows. I have a large collection of compact digital cameras and get great enjoyment from them. You've shown us that you can indeed get wonderful images from a small camera.

I really enjoy your podcast and am glad to hear you do not have intentions of ending it. I fully understand the demands life can put on all of us. For years I've been wanting to start a podcast for compact digital cameras but just don't have the time it would require to do a quality show like yours. I sensed the sadness in your voice toward the end of the show but don't despair, we'll still be here looking forward you your next episode, be it next week, next month or ?

Almost forgot,
Thank You Rob!

April 6, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterDon

Hi Rob,

I regret it had to come to this knowing how much you love sharing your passion for photography! I have found your podcasts a great pleasure to listen to. I look forward to the time when SCL downloads once again in my iTunes!

May I also add that your interest in the subject and approach have been an inspiration to me, and with your help via the podcasts, website and flickr group have rekindled my interest in photography. Thank you very much!

See you on Flickr :)


April 6, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMozuk

Hi Don,

Many thanks for your comments, it feels really good to know that listeners enjoy the podcast. I've got a feeling I'll be able to squeeze in SCL's quite regularly.... I miss doing it too much!

Thanks again, Rob.

April 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRob_Nunn

Hi Mozuk,

I've been thinking hard about this all week, and I've realised how much I miss doing the 'cast, so I'm working hard to figure out a way where I can record more often, even if the episodes are a bit shorter.

Thanks for your support,

Cheers, Rob.

April 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRob_Nunn

Hiya Rob,

Sheesh - "SCL Photo Podcast Bows Out...." caught me like a headline I didn't want to read!

It's a shame when things start taking too much of our free time, never enough hours in the day. I know that work, the commute and then family time, (the latter being the most important), devour the hours away and then leave no time at all for the addictive qualities we feel with photography. (Something I've been experiencing myself recently and family always comes first.)

I think I'd rather hear some short and sweet podcast than none at all though!

As far as 'professionalism', well I'd personally miss the odd cough and the chiming clock, all giving character to your podcasts and the content, (the most important thing), have always held more than a 'professional' level.

You've done really well Rob, following you over the last year has been a great journey. We've had some brilliant exchanges of information, (two or more heads always being better!) and some heated and philosophical debates which have heralded some great outcomes and direction. Your podcasts have always been enjoyable to listen to, (even spending the time to ensure that us with our 'dial-up speed broadband' can enjoy), and often containing new ideas and useful snippets of information. Couldn't ask for more!

Announcing your intentions and explaining your lack of freetime is very commendable and recognising the importance of time and family commitments makes this very understandable.

But I like your, "For Now....". Photography is one of those things, like an itch you can't scratch. Try as hard as you might you'll succumb to that itch and take the greatest pleasure in scratching it!

I've bought the best accessory I can, a two year extended warranty on the Fuji 5700, (I haven't squeezed out all that it can do just yet!), and plan on using it as a 'digital polaroid' for flash set ups with the Mamiya medium format. (Yeah, back to film!!! I have that 'film noir' pull again!) I'm glad that there's still common ground in this world of 'upgrades' and dSLR musts!

So Rob, I fully appreciate your circumstances but I don't honestly believe it will be that long before we hear from you again. I look forward to any 'snippets' you manage to pull together.
(I've just realised that you've thanked me on several occasions and in voice too! I'd just like to thank you once again and hopefully have the opportunity one day to do that vocally too.)

All the very best,


April 13, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterVictor

Cheers Victor,

Don't worry, SCL might not be as frequent as it was before, but I enjoy doing it too much to let it slide into obscurity,

Thanks, Rob.

April 17, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRob_Nunn

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