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Video Review: Canon EOS 50e / Elan IIe 35 mm Film SLR

canon_50e_250pxlsOh yes! It may have cost me about £35 more than I usually spend on a car-boot camera, but this prosumer / advanced amateur Film SLR was definitely worth it!

I've put together a short video taking a look at my Canon EOS 50e, so maybe if you see one on eBay or elsewhere, second hand, you may be tempted too!


So there it is, a great camera which has really impressed me for the £40 I spent on it. The EOS 50e really needs a fast prime, say a 50mm, to get the most out of it, but I'm looking forward to shooting more film with this great tool.

Cheers, Rob.

UPDATE: Here's some black and white photo's from the 50e and here's some colour ones!

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