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Olympus And Keven Spacey Lead The Photographers Fight-Back

When I saw an ad by Olympus for their Pen camera on ITV (the UK's biggest terrestrial commercial TV station), at prime time, my heart jumped. At last we're seeing photography reflected in a positive light on national TV. For too long in Britain there have been too few adverts for serious photography on TV - all we hear about are the dangers of terrorists using cameras to reconnaissance targets, sicko's sharing disgusting images on Social Networking sites, and posters encouraging the public to report anyone with a camera who looks suspicious.

You visit museums, shopping centres and historical monuments only to be told that at worst no photography is allowed, or at best no professional photography, which basically means that if you've got a big camera you'll be asked to stop shooting.

I applaud Olympus for spending the money on a National TV campaign, it will help their sales and hopefully stop people becoming immediately suspicious when they see someone with a serious looking camera.

Oh, and by the way Mr Spacey, who do you think you are, David Bailey?

Cheers, Rob.

Reader Comments (1)

ya i like the ad. but ive always like kevin. so i am bias good camera indeed and a cleaver ad. merry christmas every one. love from sheila in london

December 24, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterms s holt

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