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HDR Settings For Canon Eos 350d / Digital Rebel XT Video Tutorial

Camera-shake and subject movement are the enemies of clean HDR Photographs, we need to keep our cameras as still as possible, and take the bracketed images as quickly as possible to get the best shots.

In the video I'm setting the exposure-bracketing on my Canon EOS 350d / Digital Rebel XT to plus and minus 2 e.v's - but to be honest you don't always need to be that extreme. In more even light you could find + or - 1 ev is sufficient.

Which software you're using also really affects how your Tone-Mapped HDR comes out. Photoshop and others aren't that good at dealing with subject movement - whereas Photomatix is fantastic. Even quite extreme differences can be dealt with. You'll still get the odd ghosting effect, but that can be sorted out by painting in different layers in Photoshop or Elements.

So, in conclusion, use a low ISO, switch to Aperture Priority Mode, turn on Automatic Exposure Bracketing and Continuous Shooting to get the best HDR shots out of your 350d / Rebel XT, and remember, and if you want really good shots use a tripod!

Cheers, Rob.

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