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Canon RC5 Infrared Remote Shutter Release Review Video

When I got my Canon EOS 350d / Digital Rebel XT a few months ago, it came with this little beauty in the box - but I didn't realise just how useful it would be, and how essential to my Photography it would become. Checking that I've got my RC5 Remote Shutter Release in my camera bag is one of the first things I do before going out on a shoot, along with spare batteries, CF cards and lens cloths.

Photography, using a tripod and a remote shutter release, is such a different experience than hand-held shooting. I'm not saying that it's better, but it's more contemplative, relaxing and even fulfilling. You set up your tripod, mount the camera, compose the shot, check your viewfinder, pop the cover on your viewfinder (if it's a long exposure), then step away from the camera. You wait for the right moment, and click, you trigger your camera without touching it. Magical.

So my advice would be to invest in a remote shutter release. They're cheap, reliable, and are as essential as a Polarising Filter, Tripod or spare memory.

Cheers, Rob.

Reader Comments (2)

Hi Rob,
I wondered what the viewfinder cap was when i first opened my D60 up, comes in handy with my ir remote tho,especially with the nights closing in ,thus beginning `long exposure season`!!


October 9, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMatthew Clark

Hi Matt!

Ha! Too right! I thought I didn't have a viewfinder cover until I found it on my strap!

Cheers, Rob.

October 9, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterRob_Nunn

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