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Minolta SRT 101 Film SLR Gets Some New Toys...

Minolta SRT 101 135mm F3.5I know, I know, it's not about the kit, but when I saw a 135mm prime for my new (old!) Minolta SRT 101 Film SLR come up on eBay, I just had to put a bid-nip in to see if I could get it cheap.

As usual with eBay, I had a look round and found a 55mm Cokin A Adapter, Holder and Lens Cap, so I had to have that too....

Minolta SRT 101 135mm F3.5

The SRT 101 uses the Rokkor MC lenses (meter coupled) - you can use others, but you won't be able to use the in-camera light meter. This is because in order to give you a correct reading the camera has to know what aperture you're using, and the MC does this with a simple mechanical connection.

As you spin the aperture ring on the lens, a lever connects to the camera and adjusts the light-meter indicator, allow you to change the shutter speed for a correct exposure.

Minolta SRT 101 135mm F3.5

Then lens I got is a 135mm F3.5 Prime, which means that it has a fixed focal length (135mm!), so no zoom here! I guess this gets me just under 3 times closer than my F1.4 50mm, so it should be great for trying to capture the local wildlife without getting too close. The other use for this sort of lens is portraits - by standing back and using the 135mm (on a tripod) I should be able to shoot some very nice people shots.

It has a smaller aperture than my 50mm - F3.5 vs F1.4, so I guess you'd say it was a lot "slower", but it does go all the way down to F22 - which funnily enough will be great for landscapes (even though the telephoto nature of the lens isn't) - but as long as I use a tripod and exercise some thoughtful composition, I think I can come up with some interesting shots.

Minolta SRT 101 135mm F3.5 + Cokin A Filter Holder & Hood

The length of the lens is distorted in the above shot - it isn't that big honest! It is quite heavy though, especially when compared to my Digital Fujifilm - so I'll be shooting handheld up at least 1/150th of a second to avoid camera shake. Its going to add quite a bit of mass to my camera bag too!

How much did I pay? £6.00 plus p&p. Bargain!

I've done a little bit of research, and I now understand that my SRT 101 will accept MC and the more common MD lenses - time to search eBay for a nice wide-angle!

Minolta SRT 101 50mm F1.4 + Cokin A Filter Holder & Grad

The beauty of the Cokin A Filter system came into play with this purchase. I've already got a Polariser, Grad, Star, Spot, and numerous coloured filters for my Fujifilm S5700 - so all I needed to do was order a 55mm thread adapter and I could use them on the Minolta.

I found the cheapest (£1.99) on eBay, and it came with a holder and lens cap too, so a must-have purchase. Just gotta find some nice landscapes now....

Pics coming soon!

Thanks, Rob.

Reader Comments (2)

Enjoy the lens. Back in my film days (mostly before zooms became popular) the 135mm was one of my favorite lenses. f3.5 might seem slow, but compared to the f4.5 that was common on zooms of that era, its really quite fast. Also you'll be surprised how well it works for landscapes. Sometimes you can't get close enough to get the view you want. Also the way it tends to compress the view can make a forest look fuller. I often was surprised during my photowalks years ago how often the 135 wound up on my camera, and my 28mm wound up staying in my camera bag.

August 7, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterC0mdrData

Thats great to know - I have to admit I was scratching my head about when I was going to use it and I didn't think about the telephoto compression effect - thanks.

August 7, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterRob_Nunn

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