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What To Shoot? Different Genres, Styles And Ideas

Let's Shake On ItThere will come a time when you'll run out of ideas about what pictures to take, or the style to take them in. You'll have visited all the local haunts, taken dozens of pics inside your house, and think "What can I do next?".

I gathered together a few different genres and styles of photography to maybe help you on your way and give you some new ideas.

You could argue that there as many different styles of photography as photographers taking pictures - but there are some rough genres, so have fun mixing and matching to find out what you enjoy doing. I'll try to illustrate examples with my photo's, so please forgive their quality!

Don't forget to challenge yourself and do something new, step out of your comfort zone and learn a new technique, whether it be in camera or in post processing.

Arizona? Hamsphire!

My favourite subjects at the moment, but why not try and put a spin on it, with a black and white treatment,

Why Am I The Only One Here?

or try a different perspective - avoid the sky!

In Blue

Try the beach...

Lee on Solent Groyne

From a different angle?

Lee on Solent Beach Huts

Sunsets are always good.

From My Towers

Maybe go black and white?

Wide Angle

Take shots from a building...

The Gorge

Or of buildings...

Red Brick Church

Maybe Landmarks?

Gosport Marina

Macro. A whole world of possibilities. First, the ubiquitous flower shot:


How about a bit abstract?

Wild Lilly

Or some other interest?

Smell The Rose, The Sweet, Sweet Rose

A different background?

Shallow Roots


Say "Cheese"



Still Life - Take inspiration from painters.

The Five Senses

Or everyday objects.

Cooking On Gas

People. Close-ups.


Or as part of the scene,

What's In The Water?

Play with shutter-speeds. Fast:



Watchman Watched

Depth of Field. Small:

Dress Code?



Animals. The hard to find:

Deer Near Monks Walk, Gosport

And next doors cat...

The Eyes Have It

There's a world of possiblities out there. Take inspiration from other photographers, try to recreate what they've done so that skill-set is added to your arsenal. Shoot as often as possible, and enjoy seeing the world from a different perspective.

Thanks, Rob.

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