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Wish list: Nikon D700 Full Frame dSLR

Yeah, of course I'd like a £1800 camera (body only, lenses extra!), but why is the Nikon D700 dSLR Digital Camera so revolutionary? What makes it one of the most important cameras of the last couple of years? Why is it such a great leap forward?

I know that Canon beat Nikon to the full-frame sensor - and that the flagship Nikon D3 introduced the FX sensor - but the D700 introduces some practical considerations that will hopefully trickle down to entry-level dSLR's over the next couple of years.

Before the D700 (or D3) you could argue that Digital SLR's were like the perfect Film Camera - fantastic image quality with all the advantages of the digital medium. I know that sounds ridiculous - but are there any pictures you could take with a dSLR that you couldn't take with a Film Camera?

With the Nikon D700 we get a camera that surpasses Film - because of the sensor. By sticking to 12 mega-pixels on a Full-Frame sensor, Nikon can make sure each pixel is very large in comparison to other digital cameras. This means that the D700 has an incredibly good signal to noise ratio - a very clean sensor.

Why is this important? You can use the D700 at very high ISO's - up to 25600 - which means that you can use this camera in poor lighting conditions at higher shutter speeds, something that film always struggled with or you had to use ultra-grainy film stock.

Other great features? A virtual horizon that appears in the view-finder so that skewed shots are a thing of the past. Dust removal system and a 51 point Auto-Focus system, that can predict the movement of objects in three-dimensional space. Well sealed against dust, live-view, and the option of a battery grip to increase shooting time and frames per second.

Nikon have played another trump card - lens compatibility. You can use Full Frame, or the crop FX lenses (reducing the resolution), or most of Nikon's back catalogue. You can even use non-metering lenses - just tell the D700 the Aperture and focal-length and it'll do the rest.

Is the D700 perfect? Of course not - no live histogram for example, and its way out of most peoples budget, but who knows, in two or three years we might all be using £400 dSLRs with Full Frame Sensors and High ISO's...

Thanks, Rob.

Reader Comments (3)


I would like 2 please...

I guess the major question we all have is can we if we had the money whack it down on gear like that.

To be honest I would be scared whitless.

August 12, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterweejamer

The other unanswered question is whether it would makes us better photographers....

August 12, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterRob_Nunn

Well I always maintain that its not the camera but the person holding it.

But I do agree with a better range of settings and just a better camera will improve things but its really up to us how we use them.

August 13, 2008 | Unregistered Commenterweejamer

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