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Wish List: Fujifilm S100fs 11.1 Megapixel Camera

Fujifilm S100fsThe Bridge Camera that offers a real alternative to the lens-swapping of an entry level dSLR. A 35mm equivalent lens range 28-400mm, with a Super Macro mode too, you literally can shoot any scene, any object, without having to lug around a bag full of equipment.

So what attracts me to the S100fs? It's got lens image stabilisation, so you can use slower shutter speeds (lower ISO - less noise), take photos in lower light conditions, or generally just get sharper images, especially when zooming. The sensor is larger, and has increased dynamic range. It can go up to an ISO of 10000 with lower resolutions. I love the way the view finder screen folds out, fab for low and macro shots.

The lens is something else, offering a massive 14x Optical Zoom, and coupled with the images stabilisation, this is a serious tool. It's pretty fast too - offering f2.8 at the wide end - plus up to 7 frames a second at 3mp. It also shoots Raw!

I hardly ever bother with manual focus on my S5700, it's too fiddly, but on the S100fs you have a manual focus ring on the lens, and a zoom ring too!

With this camera you can be shooting a beautiful landscape one second, then look down and take a shot 1cm away from a flower. Ah! You say, the S5700 does this, which it does, but this camera has a faster lens, image stabilization, and a better sensor. For $800 / £450, its a viable and sensible alternative to a Budget dSLR.

Read dpreviews article on the S100fs here.

Here's a gallery of S100fs Images

Cheers, Rob.

PS, actually I really want one of these becomes it comes with a "pro" lens hood!

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I would like 2 of them too

July 6, 2008 | Unregistered CommenterWeejamer

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