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Where To Shoot? Give Yourself An Assignment - The Photowalk!

If, like me, you're learning and want to improve your photography, one of the great challenges is to come up with different subjects to take pictures of.

In this short video I explain about Photowalks, and how I use them to practice and improve.

I tend to just think of a local place i haven't visited yet with my camera, then pack my gear and set off. As I'm walking around I'm looking for any chance of a good shot - ways of practicing my delivery of Subject, Composition and Light.

I'll take dozens and dozens of pictures on a Photowalk - yet only publish 3 to 10 on the web. My hit rate is normally about 1 good shot for every 10 I take - but that isn't time wasted. It's practice.

Funnily enough, I recently got a Film SLR, and because of all the practice I've put in, and the fact that I was ultra careful with each frame, I probably got about 15 keepers out of 24 - I've just got to do the same with my digital now!

Thanks, Rob.

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