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Wish List: Nikon D60 dSLR AF-S 18-55 DX II VR 

OK, I've decided which dSLR I'd buy if I had a spare £390 - or put on my Christmas list for Santa. The Nikon d60. It comes with a VR, or image stabilised lens, dual anti-dust, and an impressive specification.

He he! Now why would I chose the Nikon instead of a Canon, Sony, etc? I guess it's because of the good things photographers say about their Nikon's in terms of ergonomics - how comfortable it is to use the camera everyday. I also think that if Scott Bourne chooses Nikon over Canon, who am I to argue?

Its funny to think that this camera, although four times the price of my trusty S5700, doesn't have the zoom range or video capability. What we're looking at here is superb image quality, from a great lens and a super body.

Will I really get one? I don't know - At the moment I'm happy enough learning with my S5700. The only thing that I wish my Fujifilm could do, would be to take images in the RAW file format - when I'm editing, the .jpgs can start to break up a bit, but I've decided to start shooting in the fine (best) mode instead of normal mode to see if that makes a difference.

What I also like about the d60 is that the supplied kit lens is anti-shake, and it has a dual dust removal system - it shakes the sensor and blows it off (ahem.) I guess I've been reading too many camera reviews in magazines and on the 'net - gotta get my mind back onto shooting!

Dear Santa... could you please leave me a d60, I've been a good boy.....

Thanks, Rob.

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