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Book Review: The A-Z of Creative Photography by Lee Frost

Another library gem, don't dismiss these old film-based photography books, there's loads of great tips and techniques for the modern digital user.

A quick check on Amazon revealed that there's newer versions of this book - but if you see this version knocking around your library or at the second hand store, snap it up. Lee Frost takes us through various Photography styles and techniques, including abstract, portraits, landscapes, back-lighting, etc, usually about 2-4 pages per subject, in a clear and concise manner, very similar to the Scott Kelby Books.

Very few chapters are film specific, the majority of the book applies just as well now as it did 10 years ago when it first came about. Especially useful to me were the chapters on exposure - Frost explains nice and simply the different modes a camera can use to decide on automatic exposure, how it can be fooled, and the techniques for getting a perfect exposure.

A great book, recommended.

Thanks, Rob.

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