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Book Review: Still Life by Norbert Schneider

OK, so my leg is still pretty crocked since pulling a muscle playing football with my Son a few days ago, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to catch up with some book reviews I've been meaning to do.

I'll start with "Still Life" by Norbert Schneider, a book all about the history of painting everyday (and some unusual) objects.

This isn't a book about Photography. But it is a book for Photographers. You could just look at the great images and be inspired with the compositions, the subjects, and the way the artists use light to add depth and texture to their paintings. You could then absorb the text, the history of the discipline, and the most fascinating for me was the meanings behind the images. Why did Renaissance artists include skulls, compasses and scrolls? Why and how did artists produce lifelike images of fruit, glasses, game birds and kitchen tables?

Schneider explains the development of still-life to explain, and as Photographers we can choose to try to recreate these images, learn from their techniques, or just enjoy looking at a book full of great paintings.

Here's one of my efforts, inspired by the pictures in this book:
The Clock, The Candle, The Stones and the Shadows

Thanks, Rob.

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