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Wishlist: Canon EOS 40d dSLR (No Kidding!)

If you listen to a lot of Photography Podcasts, you'll get to know what cameras a lot of the Pro's use, and one camera that keeps popping up is the Canon EOS 40d dSLR Digital Camera. I have to admit that I've been keeping an eye on the price at Amazon, as its due for an upgrade, so discounts are starting to kick in.

The 40d isn't a full-frame sensor dSLR, but it does offer a lot of the features that pro's want - especially Wedding Photographers, who usually have more than one body, either for back-up or with different lenses attached.

Full review at

You can pick up a 40d on Amazon for £780GBP, and that price includes the EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens Kit. Compare this with a Nikon D300, which is £930GBP body only, and the Canon looks like a real bargain.

Why go for such a high spec dSLR? Lets look at the features you get on a semi-pro / high-end enthusiast camera rather then an entry level model.

Build Quality. The Canon EOS 40d has an all-weather magnesium alloy casing - more than up to being bashed about in a Pro's bag, doing Weddings, out in the field, etc.

Speed. Shooting at 6.5 frames per second, you could use the 40d for sports and wild-life photography. The shutter sounds like a machine gun!

Better Kit Lens. Higher quality bundled lens than entry-level models.

Wait a minute, that doesn't sound like much! Ah, yes, I forgot the most important thing, image quality. Low noise (not on par with the newest Nikons and Canons though) at high ISO's, crystal clear pictures, on par with the full-frame Canon 5d.

I guess the real question is that if you had a spare £800 to spare, would you be better off with the 40d, or a 1000d with some better lenses? I'd turn that question on its head, and ask instead whether you need a fast-shooting camera that's tough, weather-sealed, and has all the control of a pro level camera? (Plus that remote PC operation is amazing!)

Would I buy one? Too right. Now where's that lottery ticket...

Cheers, Rob.

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