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Photoshop And Photoshop Elements


In Photography taking the picture is only the first half of the equation. It's equally important to understand post-processing, the steps you take to alter the image on your pc.
Don't be caught up in the "purists" arguments that it's cheating to change Photo's, almost every Digital Photo can benefit from an increase in contrast and colour, and even the Masters, like Ansel Adams, spent hours in the dark-room altering their photographs to get closer to their original vision.

Photoshop is the big boy - serious cash for a serious application, but to be honest you don't really need it. If you've got it, great, but in my opinion Photoshop Elements is by far the better choice for the amateur photographer.

Elements is less confusing, faster, can do almost everything useful that Photoshop can do, and is a fraction of the price.

I'll be covering both Photoshop and Elements in these tutorials, but most lessons and techniques can be applied in both versions.

Lay Me Down Basic Photo Editing With Photoshop and Elements.

This is a short tutorial to get you started with Photoshop and Elements, showing the use of adjustment layers and gradient layers.

The Power Of Local Adjustments: Layer Masks In Photoshop And Elements.

Layer Masks - the fantastic feature in Photoshop and Elements that allows you to apply changes to selected parts of your photographs. Understand and master this technique and you'll be amazed at what you can achieve.

Ultra VioletAchieve More Richness and Saturation Through Layers Blend Modes In Photoshop and Elements.

Blend modes are Photoshop and Elements magical "dark-room" techniques. Just by changing the blend mode of your layers brilliant effects can be had in seconds.

A Simple Black and White Conversion In Photoshop And Elements.

Black and White Photographs. I love 'em. They way they focus your eye on shape, form, texture and light, without distracting colours. This is a first simple technique that works in Photoshop and Elements.

More Black And White / Mono Conversion Techniques In Photoshop.

In this tutorial we look at converting to grayscale, the channel mixer, Black and White Adjustment, and add some tints too.

Abandoned Buildings, Priddys Hard. 41 of 365.My current Black and White Technique.

By adding a slight colour cast, we can add a little "elbow room" into our b&w conversions.

My DayPanoramas With A Twist.

I show you how to stitch a panorama together in Photoshop that includes lots of self portraits....

exif_data_250pxlsAdd Your Copyright And Contact Details To Your Photos With Photoshop Or Adobe Bridge.

A quick and easy technique that should become part of your digital work-flow.



If you have problems with Adobe Bridge telling you your batteries are flat, check out this short post.



ninja250pxlsGet More Out Of Noise Ninja Using Masks.

If you're using the Photoshop / Elements plug-in, check out this quick tutorial to bring you up up speed with masking in NN, to stop it reducing texture and detail.

topaz_icon_250pxlsTopaz Adjust Photoshop Plugin Review.

Create HDR like images from single exposures, and much, much more.

split_250pxlsNik Software Silver Efex Pro Review.

A brilliant black and white conversion plug-in for Photoshop and Elements.