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Lensbaby is a whole system of lenses to add creativity to your photography, and at the moment I've got a Lensbaby Composer, so I'll be sharing my experiences as I learn more about these fascinating photographic tools.

What all of the Lensbaby products have in common is that they're selective focus. The lens is sharp in the middle, but then you can move that sweet spot around the frame. The blurred area is hard to describe, it's a mix of depth-of-field, out-of-focus blur, and almost a zoom-like blur. I'll just say that it looks great!

intro-vid-250pxlsA Video Introduction To The Lensbaby Composer.

Come and see what the Lensbaby Composer is all about!

optic_system_vid_250pxlsLensbaby Composer Video Review – Optic Swap System & Wide Angle / Macro Converter.

Not just movable selective focus. You can actually change the glass inside a Lensbaby Composer!

lensbaby-sunset-250pxlsSolent Sunset, Towards Fawley. Lensbaby Composer (Double Glass Optic, F4).

My first shots with the Lensbaby Composer.

lensbaby_gosport_250pxlsFountain and Spinnaker Tower, Lensbaby Composer With Double Glass Optic At f8.

Experimenting with a smaller aperture in the Lensbaby Composer.

light-trails-250pxlsMore Practice With My Lensbaby Composer, Double Glass Optic, f5.6.

Night photography, including some light trails!

f2_250pxlsFort Brockhurst, Lensbaby Composer, Double Glass Optic, f2.8.

Some late afternoon shooting with the Composer, using the f/2.8 aperture ring.

old-warehouse-250pxlsOld Warehouse. Pinhole (f/177), 0.6x Wide Angle Converter, Lensbaby Composer.

Here it is - Pinhole Photography! Fantastic!

bike-on-pier-250pxlsPier Hut. Plastic Optic, f/4, Lensbaby Composer.

This time, it's the Plastic Optic!

warehouse-door-250pxlsWarehouse Door and Lamp. Single Glass Optic f/4, Lensbaby Composer.

More practice with the Lensbaby Composer, this time using the Single Glass Optic, as used in the original Lenbabies.

zoneplate-250pxlsPartners In Crime. Zone Plate Optic f/19, Lensbaby Composer.

The final part of the Lensbaby Optic Swap System - The Zone Plate.

Lensbaby Composer Macro Accessory Video Review.

I took a more in-depth look at the macro part of the Lensbaby wide-angle converter.

Cheers, Rob.