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Istockphoto Diary


Follow my quest to earn a little pocket-money by selling some of my images on the Royalty-Free Stock Photography Site, iStockphoto.

Woo-Hoo! Got Accepted To iStock This Morning!

My first foray into the world of selling stock photography.

Istockphoto Diary #1: One From Three.

My first photo gets accepted into istock! Yippee!

Istockphoto Diary #2: One From Seventeen (!).

Things get tough with lots of rejections...

Istockphoto Diary #3: One From Ten (Understanding Artifacts).

My hit rate may not be getting better, but I think I'm starting to understand istockphoto a little more.

bigstock_title_250pxlsBigStockPhoto Diary #1.

I'm now having a crack at a micro-stock agency that hopefully will like the files out of my Fujifilm Finepix S5700 S700...

title_250pxlsBigStockPhotoDiary #2.

It's not a fluke, as I get another two photographs accepted!

diary3_250pxlsBigStockDiary #3.

Another three shots get in...

bigstock4_title_250pxlsBigStockPhoto Diary #4.

A Black and White Photo gets in, a first for me!

Spinaker TowerBigStockPhoto Diary #5.

My worries about the abilities of my 29mm M42 Manual Focus Lens on my Canon 350d / Rebel XT prove unfounded.

first_saleI Get My First Sale!

It's only 50 cents, but hey, it's a start, and shows it can be done!

Istockphoto Diary #4: Kitchen Shots, One From Five.

Its a potato. Er, actually it's a basket of potatoes. Lovely.

Istockphoto / Bigstockphoto Diary 6.

I've combined the diaries of the two stock sites I use into one, and this post discusses some flower macro shots I submitted.

Istockphoto / Bigstockphoto Diary 7.

One in, one not!

Istockphoto / Bigstockphoto Diary 8.

Some simple flower photographs get the nod from Bigstockphoto and Istockphoto - a rich seam to exploit perhaps?


Now Everyone Can Sell Their Photographs as Stock on Flickr!


Cheers, Rob.