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HDR image from Chilling Coastal AreaHDR or HDRi - the photographic technique of merging differently exposed shots in order to preserve both the highlight and shadow detail, where normally one or the other would be lost.

High Dynamic Range Imaging has got the world of photography a buzz - some see it as a fad, but in reality it's just another tool that we can use to make our Photographs look better, and hopefully closer to what we actually saw with our eyes when we captured the image.

The problem with cameras is that they're not as good as our eyes. Whereas we can see the details in both the shadows (dark bits) and highlights (the bright bits), our cameras can normally only capture one or the other - with HDR software we can merge photo's that include both (through taking differently exposed shots), and come up with a pleasing result.

Kodak CX4230 HDRAn Introduction To HDR And Landscape Photography.

Quick screen cast explaining why you might want to try HDR techniques, what the source images look like, and what finished results you could come up with.

Ship GraveyardCreating Basic HDR Images With Photomatix Pro 3 (For Peggy).

Peggy, from paddletales, wanted to know how to use Photomatix to create HDR images, so this is a beginners guide to using the software, taking it step by step.

How To Create HDR Images With Photoshop CS3.

Newer versions of Photoshop have a "merge to hdr" feature built in, so if you've got the software, try it out before splashing out on Photomatix too, it's actually pretty good!

CarcassHow To Create HDR Panoramas with Photomatix and Photoshop.

Want to go wider with your HDR's? Make sure you've got plenty of processor power (and patience!) - this can take quite a while!

HDR Comparison 3Free HDR / Tone Mapping Software - A First Look At Picturenaut.

As long as you use a tripod, Picturenaut is a great, free tool for making HDRi's.

bandw_finished_250pxlsImprove HDR’s By Merging Different Versions In Photoshop Using Masks And Auto-Align Layers.

Fix dodgy HDR conversions by easily merging different versions in Photoshop.

topaz_icon_250pxlsTopaz Adjust Photoshop Plugin Review.

Create HDR like images from single exposures, and much, much more.

 Top 7 Tips For Better HDR Photographs.

Back to basics with some simple hints.

 Nik Softwares HDR Efex Pro Review.

A fabulous plug-in with a myriad of presets.