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Google Android Galaxy Nexus Smart-Phone

A New Arrival Is Coming Tommorrow...

The Galaxy Nexus is on its way!

Unboxing & First Look of my Galaxy Nexus Android phone.

It's here!

HTC Desire vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Should you upgrade? I think so!

Avoiding Big Data Bills On Android.

If you're on a restricted contract you'll want to watch this video.


Galaxy Nexus Camera Review.

A mixed view of an OK camera, but nothing special.

Vignette, The Best Android Photo App.

A must have paid application.

Instagram Comes To Android.

Social network or photo app? Actually, it's a lot of both.

How To Watch Video Podcasts Offline On The Galaxy Nexus.

An essential free app for your Android Phone.

Jelly Bean Comes To Android.

Gnex gets the 4.1 update and it's brilliant.