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If you fancy improving your photography on the cheap, get a second hand Film SLR, a roll of Film, and think about how you're going to get the best out of only 24 (or 36) exposures, with no instant feedback, review screen, or second chances....

I am.

Ilford Pan F Plus 50 35mm Film.

A great traditional black and white film with extremely low grain and massive detail.

Kodak BW400CN 35mm Film.

A great black and white film that can be developed at your local film lab.

Ilford XP2 400 35mm film.

If you want black and white film without the hassle of developing it yourself, check out XP2.

Ilford Delta 3200 35mm Film.

A high speed black and white film.

And My Favourite Film Is...

What do you guess it'll be?

And My Favourite Camera Is...

Probably obvious by now!

Olympus OM2n 35mm Film SLR Review.

The Leica of film slr's?

Nikon F55 35mm Film SLR.

A great all rounder that can be had for bargain prices.


Asahi Pentax Auto 110 Film SLR.

A fantastic tiny film camera.

Developing Black and White Film At Home.

Come and have a look at my kit for developing negatives!

Epson V500 Photo Perfection Film Scanner.

The photographers friend - this scanner lets you scan 35mm negs and slides, 120 Medium Format, and instant photographs.

Olympus Mju I, Paterson 800 Film & The Epson 1660 Scanner.

Three for the price of one!

Olympus XA2 Film Camera Review.

A fine compact camera.

Watson Model 100 Bulk Film Loader Video.

Save money with bulk film!

Massive Dev Chart App On Android.

Instant times and concentrates for your film developing on your phone.

Leica Z2X Review.

Honestly, a Leica, from the car-boot. Really!

Halina AI 120 Film TLR.

A true lomo camera if there ever was one!

Minolta Hi-Matic F 35mm Compact.

A Rokkor equipped compact - excellent!

Fujifilm Instax Wide Video Review.

A great camera to replace Polaroid.

Mamiya C33 TLR Review Video.

Yet again a car-boot bargain - a Twin Lens Reflex for a tenner.

No.1 Pocket Kodak Review.

90 years old and it sill works. Oh Yes!

Rand Diana Plastic Camera Review.

Toy camera loveliness with 120 film.

35mm Film Plastic Panorama Camera Review.

An unusual, cheap little camera.

Roniflex X3000 Toy Camera Review.

A 35mm film camera with plastic-lensed magic included.

Using 35mm Film In A Kodak Brownie 127.

Breathing new life into a 1950's classic by using modern film!

Cross Processing Photography.

An incredibly cool, cheap and easy film technique. Try it now!

The Power Of Polaroid - Touching The Past.

Instant photography is special, and I explain why.

(Photo by Slava)

Why I Shoot Film When Digital Is So Much More Logical!

A simple analysis of my obsession with still shotting some film!

Olympus Trip 35 Film Camera Review.

Yes, I do think I'm David Bailey!

First Roll Of Film From My Olympus Trip 35.

No light leaks, meter failures or focussing errors....

Olumpus Mju II (2) / Stylus Epic 35mm Film Camera Review.

A beautifully compact camera.


First Roll Of Film From My Olympus Mju II / Stylus Epic.

Some nice first shots from this great little camera.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 First Photographs

Instant photography - credit card sized!

Minolta Dynax 7000i 35mm Film SLR Review.

Another classic from Minolta...

Kodak Retinette Viewfinder Camera video review.

A roll of film goes into this camera from the '50s....

Top Ten Reasons To Try Film. Go on, give it a try!

My First Roll Of Ilford XP2 Super 400 Black and White 35mm Film.

Simple black and white film that can be processed at your local lab!

canon_50e_150pxlsCanon EOS 50e / Elan IIe 35mm Film SLR Video Review.

£40 - a bit rich for me, but this camera has unbelievable features!

Minolta SRT 101 35mm Film SLR - Car Boot Bargain!

My son has just broken up for the Summer Holidays, and the school has sent all the kids home with a plastic film camera (with no film in) so they can record what they got up to… That got me thinking about if it was worth buying a cheap second hand Film SLR, so I decided to have a good look around at our local Sunday Morning car boot sale…

Comparing Digital and Film Photographs (No Editing!)

So I’ve got my vintage Film SLR, my Minolta SRT 101, and my superb Fujifilm S5700 Digital Bridge / Super-zoom, but what is the real difference?

Minolta SRT 101 Film SLR Gets Some New Toys…

I know, I know, it’s not about the kit, but when I saw a 135mm prime for my new (old!) Minolta SRT 101 Film SLR come up on eBay, I just had to put a bid-nip in to see if I could get it cheap.

Minolta X-300s Film SLR Joins The Crew.

Until I can afford a Digital SLR, old film models will have to scratch that itch! Since I got my SRT 101 Film SLR, I’m always on the look-out for other Minolta’s at our local car-boot sale every Sunday Morning.

Meet My Minolta Manual Focus Film SLR’s.

I thought it was time I properly introduced my two old Manual Focus Minolta Film SLR’s that I’ve bought at the local car boot sale over the last couple of months.

praktica_150pxlsPraktica LTL 3 Film SLR Video.

M42 lens mount Film SLR that I picked up at the local car-boot sale for a song.

beirette_150pxlsBeirette Viewfinder Film Camera Video.

Another car-boot bargain - an interesting camera that only has three shutter speeds and no way to check your focus optically...

shooting_slides_150pxlsDigitizing Film Slides.

Join me as I convert my Dads old Film Transparencies using my Digital Camera.

Minolta Dynax 500si 35mm Film SLR Video.

Another car-boot bargain!