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What are you waiting for? Share those great ideas, photo's, tutorials, videos, and whatever you want with your own blog or website. It's easy!

man_min_250pxlsHow To create Your Own Photo-Blog For Free. It’s one thing to share your photo’s on Flickr or deviantART, but the time will come when you want to have your own Blog, but don’t worry, it’s free, easy, and takes only a few minutes to do.

In this first article we’ll look at creating your Blog, choosing a style, writing the first post, adding video and photos from your Flickr account.

man_min2_250pxlsHow To Change The Colour Of, And Add Gadgets To, Your Blogger / Blogspot Photo Blog. Second part of my tutorial on creating a free photo-blog.

Honestly, you’ll be up and running in about twenty minutes, sharing your thoughts with the world!

rtm_250pxlsBeating Bloggers Block: New Categories And To Do Lists. One of the hardest things to do when you become Webmaster is to keep the content coming - so you'll need a decent to-do work-flow.

It's also worth thinking abouting adding new categories or sections to your site, as avenues for fresh articles and posts.

google-logo-250pxlsSearch Engine Basics: Get More Visitors To Your Photography Blog By Considering Keywords, Key Phrases and Relevance.

Improve your Google rankings (and hence visitors) with a few simple techniques.

audacity-250pxlsHow To Record, Host and Distribute Your Own Podcast. (External link).

Article I did on one of my other sites all about recording and sharing your own Podcast.

flickr_slideshow_250pxlsAdding A Full Screen Flickr Slideshow Gallery To Your Photography Blog Or Website.

An easy (and free) way to add a great full-screen slide-show gallery to your Photo Blog or website - whether it be Wordpress, Blogger, or any other platform.

wordpress-logo-stacked-bgTen Boring, But Effective Plug-Ins For Your Self-Hosted Wordpress Blog.

Don’t expect anything exciting, but here’s a list of the Wordpress plug-ins I’m using at the moment.

qoop2_250pxlsMake Money From Your Photographs, Link Flickr To Qoop!

Spend half an hour setting up an account, then you've got your own stock site for your photographs.