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Book Reviews


The Internet is great for learning all about Photography, but sometimes you just can't beat a good book to have by your PC, or on the bedside table as a reference.


requiem_250pxlsRequiem, By The Photographers Who Died In Vietnam And Indochina.

Superb Photobook, simply must be seen, even if you're not interested in War Photography.

Ansel Adams - National Park Service Photographs.

Great, great work.

From The Front, Book Review.

Another National Geographic offering, featuring great photos and essays.

Orbit: Nasa Astronauts Photograph The Earth.

Brilliant book of beautiful photographs.

Book Review: Wide Angle by the National Geographic.

Man, I love this book. Great photographs telling great stories.

yosemite_250pxlsAnsel Adams, Yosemite And The High Sierra Book Review.

Beautiful Photographs, expertly taken.

"The Camera" by Ansel Adams, book review.

Written before the age of digital, but this volume is a must for any photographer who really wants to understand how cameras work, and how to apply that knowledge in your art.

(I talk about the next book, "The Negative", in Podcast 28.)

nothing_personal"Nothing Personal" by Richard Avedon, Video Book Review.

No fashion, and few celebrity portraits here, instead a darker, more personal piece of work.

David Bailey "Look" Video Book Review.

A small, but perfectly formed introduction to the work of the iconic British Photographer.


shadows_250pxls"If We Shadows" by David Bailey Video Book Review.

A fantastic collection of Mr. Baileys work from the '80s.

Begin With Bailey Photography Book Review (Words By George Hughes).

A great (very cheap) collection of images by David Bailey, and words by George Hughes, lifted from the pages of Camera Weekly.

The Story of PaintingThe Story of Painting by Sister Wendy Beckett.

If you'd like a great primer on the History of Art, you won't find a better book.

Henri Cartier Bresson- The Modern Century.

A great collection of the masters best work.

Book Review “Tete a Tete - Henri Cartier Bresson”.

Short look at a book of fantastic portraits.


Master Photographers Book Review (Edited by Pat Booth).


Robert Capa / Photographs, book review.

Fantastic volume with images from a brilliant photographer.

George Forss New York New York – Photography Book Review.

Great images of a New York we won't see again.

The Americans, By Robert Frank, Book Review Video.

A classic, and a turning point in photojournalism.

The A-Z of Creative Photography by Lee Frost.

I looked at the old film version of this book, but it's still full of great ideas on different types of photography.

Lee Frost’s Personal Views, The Art Of Colour Landscape Photography.

Another great book from Mr Frost, this time a great "how to" for beautiful, colour, landscape photography.

20th Century Photography by Reuel Golden.

An essential guide to some of the best photographers of the 20th Century.

Hollywood Portraits - Classic Shots And How To Take Them.

A great book by Roger Hicks and Christopher Nisperos, full of beautiful photographs, illuminating text and great "how-to" diagrams.

Scott Kelbys 7 Point System For PhotoshopScott Kelby’s 7 Point System For Photoshop CS3.

It can be hard to come up with an efficient work-flow in Photoshop, and in his new book Mr Kelby shows us some great techniques.


Digital Photography BookDigital Photography Book by Scott Kelby.

New to photography, start with this excellent small reference work - I'm always re-reading my copy.

The Digital Photography Book, vol. 3, by Scott Kelby.

The third instalment in this excellent series by Mr. Kelby.

Layers BookThe Complete Guide To Photoshop’s Layers by Matt Kloskowski.

Layers, the most powerful (and useful) feature of Photoshop and Elements - and Mr Kloskowski really pulls out the stops to explain everything about them in this book.

Photo Icons Vol 1 & 2 by Hans-Michael Koetzle Book Review.

A brilliant pair of books, definitely "The Stories Behind The Pictures".

women_250pxls"Women" by Annie Leibovitz and Susan Sontag, Book Review.

Beautiful and thought provoking portraits of Women in the 1990's.

In Our Time – The World As Seen By Magnum Photographers – William Manchester.

Some of the best photographers of the Twentieth Century, with many of the greatest photographs...

Linda McCartney - Life In Photographs.

Fabulous photos in an intimate photobook.

Still Life by Norbert Schneider.

A look back into the history of still-life paintings, the subjects and techniques they used.

Book Review: Diana, Princess of Wales, by Mario Testino.

Beautiful book with a beautiful subject.

front row, backstage, by Mario TestinoFront Row, Back Stage, by Mario Testino, Book Review.

Front (and obviously) backstage cat-walk fashion photographs, from one of the genre's masters.