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About Me


Welcome to – my personal website / blog that follows my experiences in trying to become a better photographer. I’ll be sharing my learnings along the way with reviews, tutorials and articles relating to photography, right through from taking the shot, editing, sharing and printing.

I live in Hampshire, on the South Coast of the UK, so there’s plenty of interesting places to shoot, and you’ll see one of my favourite things to do are "Photowalks". This is where I’ll visit a location, and try to push myself as a Photographer to take better images, applying techniques that I’ve picked up from books, websites, podcasts, magazines and TV shows.

I’m mid-’30’s (I have to ask my Wife to remind me how old I am), married with four wonderful kids.

I enjoy taking photographs of scenes that catch my eye. I really like Henri Cartier Bresson, and I guess my perfect photo would be an intersection of geometry and catching that “decisive moment”. Maybe one day I will.

I dedicate this site (and my photography) to my familly, especially to my darling Wife, who’s beauty dazzles my everyday, who’s dedication and determination inspires me, and who’s love I couldn’t do without.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy the site.

Rob (scalespeeder) 20/05/08

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