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Various ideas I'm working on, have finished, or didn't quite complete!

 Best of 2011.

Vans Whip 3 Sneaker Shoot. (Flickr.)

2011 Project: Around Gosport. (Flickr link.)

 Gosports Closed Pubs, 2011. (Flickr link.)

 My 2011 365 Project. That I didn't finish... (Flickr link).

Different Photo Genres to Try In 2010.

Link to our Flickr group and the different types of photography we'll be trying this year.

2010 And Beyond: Start With The End In Mind.

My thoughts on what I'll be doing in 2010.

2010 Film Project. Which Camera Should I use?

Me trying to figure out which film camera to use for one of my 2010 projects!

Shot List For 2010 Photo Projects.

I need to get moving with these projects, so I've done a basic shot list to give me some inspiration!

12 Photographs Taken Around Gosport With The Fujifilm Instax Mini.

The only photo project that I actually finished for 2010!

Fortified Gosport. (Flickr.)

Coins. (Flickr.)

 My Best of 2009. (Link to Flickr).