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Beginners Guide To Metering Modes On Your dSLR: Evaluative, Partial, Spot & Center Weighted 

(If you can't see the video, please click here.)

Please don't get too hung up on metering modes - they can be a very powerful tool in difficult lighting situations, but remember that for most of the time your cameras evaluative metering will do just fine.

However, for those tricky times when your camera just seems to be struggling to get it right, knowing how the different modes work can be a real boon. Enjoy!

Thanks, Rob.


SCL Photography Podcast 258 - New Assignment - Macro

Macro! Bugs! Flowers! Bugs & Flowers!


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Cheers, Rob.


A Beginners Guide To Auto Focus (AF) Modes On Your Canon dSLR: One Shot, AI Focus & AI Servo 

(Please click here if you can't see the video.)

C'mon, admit it, when was the last time you read your camera manual? Have you even tried any of the alternative Auto Focus Modes? The reason I'm being a little pushy here is that what your camera can do is amazing - it'll track moving objects as they get closer or further away from you, perfect for wildlife, sports or little kids running around...

Back in the dark days of manual focus it was relatively easy to track a moving subject - just roll the focus ring. With one-shot auto focus you can't do that. Half-press the shutter and the camera focuses... and stops. You can try to keep half pressing, but chances are you'll end up with some soft images. Play around with AI Servo and AI Servo.

Thanks, Rob.


A Beginners Guide To Auto Focus (AF) Points On Your dSLR 

(If you can't see the video, please click here.)

Focus and recompose, although a perfectly adequate technique for achieving sharp focus, isn't really taking advantage of the multiple focus points your camera has, which in certain situations can be very useful indeed.

Thanks, Rob.


A Beginners Guide To Manual Mode On Your dSLR 

(If you can't see the video, please click here.)

Just the name is enough to strike fear into the heart of the casual phtographer, but fear not, beacause in the short video I show you how easy it is to shoot in manual mode...

Thanks, Rob.