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Canon EOS 600d / Digital Rebel T3i HDR Settings & Shooting 

(If you can't see the video please click here.)

If you want to add some wow to your images then you'll want to dabble in a little HDR or High Dynamic Range photography. To get the base images to feed into Photomatix or the HDR processing software of your choice, you'll need to take at least three photos of the same scene, one underexposed to catch the details in the highlights, one over to catch the shadows, and one just right.

On your Canon EOS 600d / T3i, it's easy to automate this process, just go into the settings and turn on exposure bracketing, plus and minus 3 stops, then turn continuous shooting on and go for it.

If you want to the sharpest of images it's best to use a tripod, but if your shutter speed is fast enough you'll probably be ok going hand-held.

Thanks, Rob.


Canon 600d / T3i Must Have Accessories: An Automatic (ETTL II) Dedicated Flash / Speedlite 

(If you can't see the video, please click here.)

 I can't stress enough how important to your photography grabbing an external flash or strobe is. The ability to create your own controllable light in any situation is very empowering, and it will open up whole new avenues of possibilities.

The Yongnuo YN565 is a fully automatic flash - it talks to your camera to make sure you get a great exposure most of the time, and because it is automatic, the camera / flash combination react instantly to different situations.

Sure, you'll move on to manual lighting set-ups, but for now take all the guess-work out of great light and get yourself an automatic speed-light.

Thanks, Rob.


Canon 600d / T3i Must Have Accessories: A Two Lens Camera Bag (Like The Lowepro Photorunner) 

(If you can't see the video, please click here.)

Ah, camera bags, that eternal obsession for any photographer with a dSLR. I recorded this video a few months ago, and in it I'm trying to get across how important it is to not overload yourself if you carry your bag all the time while shooting.

The Lowepro Photorunner is a great bag for this - you can only fit a small body (with lens) and a spare lens with a few accessories, and that's it. I can walk all day with this set up, but you can be limited in certain situations, especially if you need flash or macro kit.

At the moment I'm testing a ThinkTankPhoto Retrospective 30, which is considerably bigger, but therefore has the real danger of being overfilled and heavy - so a certain amount of bag discipline is required to only fill it with the gear you really need for that trip. Look out for a video review on that soon.

What's you favourite camera bag?

Thanks, Rob.


SCL Photography Podcast 240 - Vulcan Fly Past

The Avro Vulcan rips down the Solent...


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